This guide will demonstrate how-to crack Mikrotik ver 3.30


# First install Mikrotik 3.20
# Add Ip Address for remote login
# Download KEYGEN
# Upload keygen.npk into Mikrotik FILES section via winbox & Reboot *** Must do, otherwise SSH will give connection refused error.
# SSH to Mikrotik and run the keygen
# Import the KEY
# Download Mikrotik 3.30 Version and upload it to FILES Section & Shutdown.
# DONE. Check Mikrotik version , it should be 3.30 with L6

Let’s begin . . .

1) First install Mikrotik 3.20 from

Remember to un-check the following components.


As shown in the image below.

Then Press ‘i’ to start installation.
After installation complete, press ENTER to reboot.

After booting, Login to console.
First time default id of fresh installation of Mikrotik is
ID = admin
Pass = no password, just Enter

Now add an IP Address so we can remotely login to Mikrotik via sshin later steps.Use the following command
1    /ip address add address= interface=ether1

As shown in the image below.

Note: As you can see ROUTER HAS NO SOFTWARE KEY and you have 24 hours limit to enter a valid key.
Now its time to break this up.

Download Keygen from


[if the above link don't work, email me at aacable [at]
and i will send you the keygen in .rar format.

Unzip it any folder for example c:\keygen
You will see following contents.

Upload keygen.npk into Mikrotik FILES section

Now connect to Mikrotik via WINBOX and upload keygen.npk (from c:\keygen) into FILES section.
As shown in the image below.


# Now restart Mikrotik and it will automatically install keygen.npk in mikrotik system.

Upon Rebooting you should see the INSTALLING KEY GEN on the console window, This is must, otherwise you will get ‘connection refused error’.


After Rebooting, Make sure you get the keygen package file in System/Packages List.
As showed in the image below . . .


After booting. from your PC, Open command prompt , goto the folder where you extracted the keygen file i.e c:\keygen
1    cd c:\keygen

Now Connect with ssh to mikrotik via following command (ssh is included in this folder)
1    ssh

& Type the following command
1    roskey /dev/hda HU6I-XPT

As shown in the image below.

NOTE: Various harddisk have different code as below (Adjust it according to your harddisk chemistry)
hda= HD Virtual
hdb= HD IDE
sda= HD sata

It will take Long time, this is the only irritating & time taken section of the whole process (Mine took about 3 hours, your’s can be less depend on the hardware) to change the KEY on Mikrotik to match our’s, So sit back , Relax and have a cup of TEA)
After completing the process, it will show you the message “WORK FINE“.
As shown in the image below.

Now Shutdown the Mikrotik PC. Now start it again and Verify that your mikrotik key have changed to HU6I-XPT.

Goto SYSTEM / LICENSE and click IMPORT License and point it to the key at c:\keygen\HU6I-XPT.key
As shown in the image below.

It will ask you to Reboot. Do it 

After rebooting, Goto SYSTEM/LICENSE and see your New Key in Action
Now that we have cracked Mikrotik 3.20, its time to upgrade it to 3.30 which supports PCC.

Download Mikrotik 3.30 version (.NPK Update Package File) from

Upload this file to mikrotik FILES section (by copy paste or drag n drop method) & Reboot, it will automatically update the base Ver to 3.30

After rebooting , check License Level and Mikrotik version.

Cara Setting Web Proxy MikroTIK

Salah satu fungsi proxy adalah untuk menyimpan cache. Apabila sebuah LAN menggunakan proxy untuk berhubungan dengan Internet, maka yang dilakukan oleh browser ketika user mengakses sebuah URL adalah mengambil request tersebut di server proxy. Sedangkan jika data belum terdapat di server proxy maka proxy akan mengambilkan dulu dari web server. Kemudian request tersebut disimpan di cache server proxy. Selanjutnya jika ada client yang melakukan request ke URL yang sama, maka request akan diambilkan dari cache server proxy. Teknik ini akan membuat akses ke Internet lebih cepat.  Berikut adalah langkah pengaturan regular proxy di Mikrotik.

Langkah pengaturan melalui command line

1. Ketik perintah berikut untuk mengaktifkan fitur web proxy di mikrotik
/ip proxy set enabled=yes
2. Set cache administrator
/ip proxy set cache-administrator=webmaster
3. Melihat hasil dari setting di atas
/ip proxy print

Mikrotik CPU Pentium 3 Handal 24 Jam On Terus

Kami menjual Mikrotik CPU Pentium 3 handal yang siap ON 24 jam terus menerus. Kami garansi CPU tersebut selama 3 bulan. Setiap CPU sudah kami uji di jaringan wireless internet kami. Mampu menangani 150 klient secara bersamaan.
Cocok untuk RTRWNET yang mempunyai klien lebih dari 20. Segera hubungi PJK untuk informasi lebih lanjut.